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Dance reviews

Emperor and the Nightingale

Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux



“Carlo Pacis brought the house down as the Mechanical Bird, the unassailable dignity of his expression in irresistably comic contrast to the disastrous effects on his body as his mechanical workings went inexorably out of control.”
                                           by Rogai, July 2005 www.ballet.co.ukhttp://www.ballet.co.ukshapeimage_7_link_0
“The second cast of Kyoko Tomimura and Carlo Pacis was even better – both have the ideal lightness for this piece,
and Tomimura’s speed and Pacis’ series of double tours landed perfectly in fifth were breathtaking.”
                                    by Rogai, October 2006 www.ballet.co.uk
“In the second cast, Carlo Pacis gave a more elegant and musical performance, and he and Kyoko Tomimura brought out the elegiac quality of the piece, which was created in response to 9/11.”
                                 by Rogai, November 2007 www.ballet.co.uk

“The lead couple in the second cast, Kyoko Tomimura and Carlo Pacis, showed vertiginous speed, innate musicality and an excellent understanding of the style.”
                                          by Rogai, June 2008 www.ballet.co.uk

“Carlo Pacis is one of those performers who can dominate the stage through sheer force of personality and knows how to act with his whole body. His Coppelius was vividly detailed and hysterically funny, with the right touch of pathos when the old inventor’s dream is shattered.”
                                       by Rogai, August 2008 www.ballet.co.uk